Equipment & Lifting Solutions was born out of JMW Cranes and Rigging, a company established in Queensland in 2003 by Jason Wallis. Needing his own cranes for his rigging company, Jason bought an 8 tonne city crane initially for steel industry work. Clients were impressed with his speed and efficiency and were soon asking him to supply other cranes, as well as riggers and dogmen for general hire. After expanding his offering, Jason established Equipment & Lifting Solutions in 2010.

Today, Jason has an experienced team of crane operators, riggers and dogmen, and a fleet of cranes, trucks and equipment that can handle any type of lifting: from tilt panels, roofing and air conditioning installations through to boats, pontoons, vehicles and machinery. From your first contact with ELS, Jason is focussed on delivering the best solution for your project including free site inspections, customised CAD drawings and completing all safety paperwork. ELS will also take care of your transport and logistics challenges, ensuring your job runs trouble-free and on schedule.